Contact OUPD on all matters relating to campus crime and emergencies/emergency preparedness. This includes Police Briefs as well as any bigger investigative stories you're working on involving these matters. The department can be touchy to contact. They don't like the fact that we are on the scene of many developing emergency incidents before they are. They prefer in person interviews to being interviewed on the phone and would like us to leave a phone number so they can call back when they have further information to report rather than handle inquiries when we initially call. I'm not saying this is right. This is how they do it. 

Police brief information: Look here for information on the latest campus crimes. Contact OUPD for more detail. Federal law requires we leave the names out of the police briefs and sometimes OUPD forgets to redact them. Watch out for that.

Contact information:

Nonemergency Number:248-370-3331

Capt. Mark Gordon:248-370-2721,; Capt. Gordon serves as sort of an unofficial department spokesman.

Chief Samuel Lucido: 248-370-3000,; He rarely grants interviews.

Parking Enforcement Office:248-370-2826; This could be useful considering parking is a perennial topic on campus.