professor of electrical and computer engineering

Position: professor in the electrical and computer engineering department

Salary: 168,719

Responsibilities: teaching his courses

Years in position/years at OU:

not available/12 (2001)

Direct reports: n/a

Relevant experience:

  • Dean, School of Engineering and Computer Science, Oakland University, 2001-
  • Dean, College of Engineering, San Diego State University, 1995-2001
  • Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 1987-1995
  • Professor and Department Head, Department of Electrical Engineering, Portland State University, 1980-1987
  • Department Head, Department of Computer Science, Portland State University, 1984-1987
  • Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Oregon State University, 1978-1980
  • Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Oregon State University, 1973-1978
  • Visiting Professor, Oregon Graduate Center, 1979-1980; Adjunct Professor, 1983-89
  • Visiting Professor, Centro di Studio dei Sistemi di Controllo e Calcolo Automatici, University of Rome, Italy, 1976
  • Lecturer and Postdoctoral Scholar (with A. V. Balakrishnan), University of California at Los Angeles, 1972
  • Lecturer, (part time), University of Pretoria, South Africa, 1968
  • research engineer, South African Iron and Steel Corporation, 1967-1968


  • B.Sc.B.Eng., Electrical Engineering, University of Stellenbosch (S.A.), 1964
  • M.Eng., Electrical Engineering, University of Stellenbosch (S.A.), 1966
  • D.I.C., Control Systems, Imperial College (London), 1972
  • Ph.D., Control Systems, London University, 1972


During his time as Dean of the College of Engineering at San Diego State, lecturer Asfaw Beyene sued the California State University system, claiming Frick had denied him a tenure-track position on the basis of race. Frick said Beyene wasn’t qualified. Frick was a military officer in South Africa during the time of apartheid. Beyene later dismissed the case.

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