Director, Eye Research Institute/professor of biomedical sciences

Position: Director, Eye Research Institute and professor of biomedical sciences

Salary: $174,544

Responsibilities: running the Eye Research Institute, which studies eye tissue, both for the treatment of disease and better understanding of the processes of vision

Years in position/years at OU:

38/38 (September 1974)

Direct reports: department

Relevant experience:

NIH funded research on metabolic and biochemical research on the lens and cataract. His focus is on the role of oxidation and free radicals in the development of a nuclear cataract, a common reason for blindness (source)

He serves as lens editor for a publication called Experimental Eye Research.

He has held several positions on won several awards for his cataract research. (It’s a laundry list really. I’m marking this person for PROFILE IN THE NEAR FUTURE)


PhD: biochemistry-State University of New York at Buffalo (1974)

bachelors: chemical engineering-University of Windsor (1965)

Controversies: n/a

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